The history of BOKOHARAM need not to be traced based on the fact that it grew in our very eyes and we watched  it unfold to this menace and senseless killing, this is a burden not on the president but the world as it turns out to be.
Today, we have seen wickedness unfold, children, women, men killed both left and right in the North-east of this country. The worse of this entire wicked act is that children have become suicide bombards; I fear what they will do next. They seem to spread because they have an agenda which is kick out western education (which in itself is elaborate to discuss).
Unfortunately, they met a blockade (arm forces of Nigeria), not just a blockade but a pain to their agenda. Encountering such wasn’t planned for, they taught amnesty will be dished out but to their greatest surprise they met their waterloo.
On the part of the security forces, there have been failures and as well successes. The security forces have been able to contain the fight in the north-east, faced with facts as not well armed, they fight on.
I am a Nigerian; I see the need to share things since it seems they (Nigerians) don’t understand a lot of things.
Firstly, the weapon of terror is not gun to gun but INTELLIGENCE. Intel is so important that you don’t need to shoot and yet you can fight head on. I ask myself some questions lately, I discover something about world powers, they spend more on intel than their army (weaponry which is vital). They make decisions on intel not to mount troops on the road (their last resort), I consider it to my country, am amazed at a few things.
Secondly, security forces rely 1% help from the masses and not 30% as in the case of my country (the slogan “see something, say something”). These terrorist are part of the society, they hide there and therefore can cause harm to the very dept without even been noticed. Families won’t want to ask their wards/children questions as been security-conscious-parents would- where are you coming from? Where did you get those from? Whom are those your friends? Why this late? Such questions are rare and so FAMILY UNIT has failed and we see it happening in our very eyes.
Thirdly, you don’t beg for help because it’s disgraceful, you force it out of your neighbors (boarder country). I see no reason why our embassies in our neighboring countries haven’t been strengthened with the much needed security facilities to combats terror. Those embassies ought to be command centres with agents on the ground sourcing for information. With this any many more you will not need to travel from Chad to France all in the name of fighting terror.
Finally, the ministry of Defense needs to be empowered. The minister of defense position is not a political one, it’s a seat for intellectuals especially, intel agents (professionals). Its function are far reaching than that of the president of a nation, it is the nation in summary.


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