Arms supply
Arms supply

For many months/years boko haram seem to grow stronger in its military capacity. It had become a fierce Islamist group threating the peace of Africa. Questions have been raised over time as to how it gets it weapon. Many analyst went searching, Bt here is what I found out.
There are three hypothesis to the explanation to its procurement of weapons.
• Stolen from Nigerias’ stock pile or Purchased from abroad via black market
• Foreign Supply.
Stolen or purchased
Many believe that the weapons are from the Nigeria army quoting the sophistication of the weapons ranging from Rocket Propelled Grenades with 900meter range for attacking hardened targets from long distances and Improvised Explosives devices.
According to US network TV NBC as published by this day live 15 may,2014, ” most of the terror groups weapon are either stolen from Nigerian Military Stocks or purchased on the thriving central African arms black  market says the expert including current and former officials. Another report concludes on the subject- Council on foreign Relations publish on Nigeria’s Boko haram and Heavy weapons by John Campbell Oct 2, 2014:
“Nigeria Military captured a T-55 armored tank and a highly sophisticated armored personnel carrier indicating that boko haram has tanks and armored personnel carriers and is growing in military strength but the photo by Sahara Reporters proved to be Panhatd tRC-90 Sagaie, a wheeled armored fighting vehicle of French manufacture. Chad and Cote d’Voire each have a few of these vehicles and Nigerian Military has 42 of them. If that is accurate, then its likely that the tank and the armored fighting vehicle were stolen from a Nigerian Military armory and did not come from Libya”. It goes further to say hard evidence as to where boko haram gets its weapons is scarce,but, a credible hypothesis is that most of its weapons are stolen from Nigeria. My question is this- if the weapons were from the stock pile belonging to Nigeria, knowing fully well that the army trains with them, knowing its weakness and strength. “Why did Nigeria Military require a higher fire power?”.
• foreign supply
Many Nigerians believe in the story that weapons got to boko haram via a foreign network unknown to the security operatives.
A report from information Nigeria in March 21, 2014 with the headline- Revealed: How boko haram and their weapons get into the country.  It quoted a debate made by senator Abu Ibrahim from Katsina- ‘weapons are brought in by helicopters most likely from foreign countries, local people in affected area view their drops’ claiming helicopters landing in thick forests and dropping off supplies for the band.
A look at it puts the security operatives into questioning as to why was it not detected by radar systems? Is there a radar system in Nigeria that can detect such? Yes there is. So then, the security operatives have some questions to answer.
The report by ABE Green wald on may 8, 2014 on Unsecured Libyan Weapons went for boko haram,it reads;
” the story of Amercia’s reluctant no boots on the ground operation in Libya in 2011: Weapons that were never secured after Muanmar Gadafi’s ouster made their way to boko haram. In May 2014, Reuters ran a story by Tim Cocks headlined-“Nigeria Islamist staging bolder, deadlier come back”. It explained the bama attack showed their substantial fire power, including machine guns, Large number of Rocket propelled grenades(RPG’s) and pick up trucks mounted with anti- aircraft guns, a sign the weapons flood from Libyan war that helped rebels seize parts of Mali last year(2013) has reach Nigeria officials say. Is it really true


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