Nigeria Army Demonstrates to the World

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The early part of 2015, it was a time when the world heard about the many wrongs about Nigeria.
Nigeria was in a war against terror but yet it threatened a vital part of the country; it’s democracy. It was time for Nigerians to elect leaders, in a fragile state of insecurity many had resolve to change of leadership.
Before then Nigeria had lost part of itself as a nation to terrorism. Boko haram was in charge of parts of the country measureable to the size of Belgium. With the agitation on ground for the February 14 election date to go as planned, the security agencies thought it wise to move the election further for 6weeks to enable them have a certain percentage of security. Mr Attahiru Jega made the decision after collective meetings of stakeholders and the election was moved 6 weeks.
Can terrorism of 6 years come to an end in 6 weeks?
It was meaningless having experienced 6 years of insurgency that in 6 weeks same army will be able to stop and halt its activities. The politicians especially the major challengers saw it as a way of campaigning, pointing out the ruling party would have lost emphatically on that day. The world saw a failed Nation seeking to amend its ways.
The magic in 6 weeks
In not less than 4/5days after the postponement of elections, the world woke up to a new strategy by the army as the war turned on the insurgents. News clouded the television stations of rescues, citing various operations carried out by the army Including the rescue of women and children.
Alot happened in those six weeks, the army had moved it concentration from rescuing the abducted chibok girls to hunting for terrorists. This shift of focus caused alot of change in the polity, lands lost to insurgents were recovered as its evident today. The Nigerian Army fought it out.
the war ended in 6 weeks.
The Nigerian Army took the bull by the horn having gone through another dark phase, it fought it out. Upon this day rescue operations still goes on given us the belief that one day chibok girls will be found. It is no longer possible to take lands and hoist flags which isn’t Nigeria’s flag. The Region stood up to its responsibility as no safe haven for terrorists to regroup and launch attack at will without been checked.
The just concluded 2nd Regional summit had a change of language. It was usually ‘ work together and disrupt terrorist’ but now its saying ‘ the battle isn’t over’.
Terrorism can be stopped
It’s a lesson for the world, terror can be won completely if the right thing is done.
Equip your Security agencies with the right weapons and given them the right training. Make sure your intelligence agencies are up and doing.
Concentrate on the nation first before any other thing can be debated. That’s what Russian has proved in war in Syria.
No nation Is alone when it comes to terror therefore the need for a global intelligence network sharing, this will go along way to save life rather than pride over whom is superior.
Samuel kelvin.


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